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Community Feedback

Kyli's Story

We received a wonderful note we wanted to share.

My wife Joanne and I have been blessed with many grandchildren. Due to the Play for Patrick heart scans done for the Rosemount High School, Our Granddaughter Kyli 16 was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. It was hard to believe that all through her growing up and seeing doctors that this went undetected. The hole that was found was large and if not found and repaired would have caused her major heart problems as she grew in age. Kyli is now back in School after having Heart surgery down at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Kyli who has been on the Rosemount Dance team thru both Middle School and Now High School never knew she had a problem but now knows how much better she feels and may never have known if not for this program and the scans done. To other parents out there, Please remember that your children may never know they have a problem while growing up with all the other thing kids have to deal with. Please take time to make sure your children and your Schools get on the list to have these scans done. We have enough to worry about with kids and their safety that having the piece of mind knowing they are growing up with a strong heart is priceless.

Thanks, Mike and Joanne Matteson