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Chanhassen Screening Recap

By PFP, 05/19/19, 5:00PM CDT


Another successful screen!

We screened 70 kids Saturday and found 5 kids with electrical (1) & structural (4) heart defects.

Thanks to Chanhassen HS staff for coordinating, promoting and allowing us to use their beautiful facility.

Thank you to Jason Anderson and his team at Phillips for giving us 3 echo machines to use for the day.  Every screen we find kids with structural heart defects and their equipment helps our awesome echo techs find those defects.

We are so fortunate to have a group of wonderful volunteers who are passionate in helping save lives.  Medical professionals who share their time and expertise and others who want to serve the community.   Many who’ve lost loved ones to SCA or survived SCA.  Many who have a heart condition themselves or a family member who does.  It is truly an amazing experience and so heart warming to see all of our volunteers share their passion and help save lives.

Most importantly thank you to Chanhassen Senior Katryn Rosenoff.  For those of you who do not know, Katryn made this her Capstone project.  She attended High School in San Diego last year and participated in a Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation heart screen.   She thought is was a positive experience and wanted to share it with her Community.  She took the initiative to get the approval and the space from Chanhassen HS Administration and reach out to us.  That’s impressive!  Katryn has plans to study sports medicine in Montana next fall.

Because of Katryn, 70 Moms and Dads are now aware of their child’s heart health.  Because of Katryn, Chanhassen HS has another AED at their disposal.  And because of Katryn, others are now aware that a thoughtful, charming, smart young woman can make things happen.  


Thank you Katryn 

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