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Eastview Screening Recap

By PFP, 11/20/22, 4:30PM CST


Eastview High School 2022 P4P Screen Recap

The Eastview screen was our 26th heart screen and our first for the 22-23 School year.  We were honored to have medical staff from Mayo Clinic join us for the day.  #mayoclinic #AI is researching #HCM and other heart problems.  We look forward to having them at future screens.

164 kids screened-130 Normal, 16 Normal with a minor variant, 6 Elevated Blood pressure-after 2nd check, and 12 Abnormal.

Abnormal results include Family history of Sudden Death, Syncope, Murmur, EKG, Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), Moderate Tricuspid Regurgitation, Mild to Moderate Pulmonary Regurgitation, Dilated Coronary Sinus.  We recommend these kids get formal follow up care with their primary physician or a cardiologist.

We would like to thank Bruce Miller, Matt Percival, Rob Franchino and the staff at Eastview High School for allowing us to use the space and equipment needed for the screen.  In return for hosting us, we donated another #AED which will be stationed in the EVHS Training room.

A heartfelt Thanks and sincere appreciation to everyone who helped.

Our Non-Medical volunteers helped us with set up, take down, check in & check out, data entry, directing kids, feeding volunteers, and filling in wherever needed.

Our Nurses, EKG technicians and Sonographers for collecting the important data and helping the kids feel comfortable.

Our physicians Robert Wilson, Dave Homans, Scott Sakaguchi, Allison Lozano, Konstantinos Siontis and Bart Laihinen for sharing their expertise in evaluating and explaining the results to the kids and their parents.  And a special shout out to Dave Homans for his help in the echo tent.

The Mayo Clinic team who traveled early morning from Rochester- Dr. Konstantinos Siontis, Dr. Kathryn Larson, Dr. Omar Latif, Jordan Inselman, Elle Krell, Chad Pedretti, Aaron Purnell, Abraham Merboth, Trudy Wellik, Jennifer Dugan, Karen Miller, and Lyn Wolf.   We are honored to work with you and participate in your research.

Philips Jason Anderson for loaning us a Philps CX50 Echo machine to use for the day.

Finally, Betsy and Dr. Bob Wilson for their continued support and guidance.  We would not be where we are today without their help.

Our next Heart screen is Saturday January 7th during Eastview Hockey Association 8th Annual Play For Patrick Bantam Hockey Tournament.  The screen is limited to players and siblings.  Volunteer registration will open in December.

#PlayWithHeart #PlayForPatrick