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What impact has the Play for Patrick Heart Foundation made since its inception?
Since August 2015, the foundation has conducted over 30 heart screenings, screened thousands of kids for heart defects, finding hundreds of kids with high blood pressure, structural & electrical heart defects. It's also taught thousands CPR & AED awareness and donated many AEDs to various schools & clubs. 
How can I support the Patrick Schoonover Heart Foundation?
Support can be provided through volunteering, financial donations to assist with purchasing heart screening and medical training devices, or by partnering with the foundation to spread awareness.
How does the Play for Patrick Foundation aim to prevent sudden heart-related deaths in youth?
The foundation focuses on raising awareness about heart defects, making heart screenings more accessible and affordable, and educating families and communities on heart health.
What inspired the creation of the Play for Patrick Heart Foundation?
The foundation was inspired by Patrick Schoonover, a beloved teenager and hockey player who tragically passed away from undetected heart defects during a hockey tournament.
How can I get involved with the Play for Patrick organization?
The best way is to volunteer for an upcoming screening. You can also host a screening with your organization. If you would like more information on how to host a screening and submit interest, see: NEW WEB PAGE LINK???
I am trying to register but do not see the upcoming screening. Where can I register?
We typically open registrations a few weeks prior to the event. If you don't see the event you are interested in, please be patient as we will open registration soon!
Can anyone participate in the heart screenings offered by the foundation?
Yes, heart screenings are available for youth participants ages 14-24 on a first-come, first-served basis, with events typically opening for registration 2-6 weeks in advance. Volunteers, both medical and non-medical, are welcome to volunteer on a first-come basis.
Can I register my 26 year old?
For a 26-year-old interested in participating in the Play for Patrick Youth Heart Screening, while the primary focus is on individuals aged 14-24, accommodations can be made for those outside this age range if there are available openings. Please reach out to ask. 
Can I register my 12 or 13 year old?
No, due to the diagnostic equipment manufacturer's guidelines, the screening is not available for children under a 14. If the child is close to 14 we can sometimes accommodate. Please contact us for instructions.
Are the screening tests diagnostic?
No, the tests are not meant to be comprehensive or diagnostic. They are a step towards identifying potential heart issues but cannot guarantee safety.
What does the screening process involve?
The process includes several stations: Check-In, Blood Pressure, Height & Weight, EKG, Heart Sounds & Physical Exam, Echocardiogram, CPR/AED education, MD Consultation, and Check-Out.
How long does the screening process take?
The entire screening and CPR/AED training process takes about approximately 60 minutes.
What should participants bring to the Play for Patrick Youth Heart Screening?
Participants must bring their completed Heart Health Survey form and Participation Agreement and Consent form, printed from home.
Is parental consent required for participants under 18?
Yes, a parent or guardian must electronically sign the consent form for participants under 18.
Can groups or organizations volunteer together?
Yes, groups and organizations are encouraged to volunteer, providing a great team-building opportunity while contributing to a vital community service. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further, or register your team for an upcoming registration when they open.
Do I need to be insured?
No, non-medical volunteers, nurses, EKG & echo techs do not need liability coverage. Physicians and other medical providers serving in the Physician Consult station can use their own liability insurance or sign up for free Medical Liability Insurance provided by the State of Minnesota.
Are meals provided for volunteers?
Yes, snacks and meals are provided to volunteers during the event to ensure they remain energized.
What should volunteers wear?
All volunteers will receive one Play for Patrick tee shirt annually. Please wear your favorite, or newest P4P tee shirt. Jeans, joggers, khakis, and tennis shoes will be appropriate.
Is training provided for volunteers?
Yes, a quick training is provided for all volunteers day of, including specific instructions for those handling medical equipment or performing screenings.
What are the responsibilities of volunteers?
Volunteers assist in various tasks, from administrative roles to medical evaluations, depending on their skills and the needs of the screening event.
Who can volunteer at the Play for Patrick Youth Heart Screenings?
Individuals from various communities and healthcare backgrounds are welcome to volunteer, including those with medical training and those without.

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